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Kazim Shrine Units

Welcome to the “Units” section of our website. Below you will find a list of the many Units the Kazim Shrine consists of. They are responsible for the many things with which we are familiar. From parades to charitable events, many Shriners are hard at work to support our many children across America. Please feel free to select a Unit to learn more about each.

Below you will find a quick reference regarding the Uniformed Units:

ABNORMALS – A fun loving group who wears a variety of uniforms from clown costumes to tramp outfits. Meet 3rd Tuesday – 6:30 p.m., Harbor House, Abingdon, VA

ARAB PATROL – A marching Unit always ready for competition, wearing colorful uniforms. Meet 1st Friday – Kazim Shriners

BAND – The Band heralds the arrival of our Shriners’s Units and participates year round at many functions. Meet every Thursday – Kazim Shriners

BEACH BUMS – The members have a great time dressing and acting out the part of their portrayal as “Beach Bums,” always mindful of the role of helping Children at the Shriners Hospital. Meet 1st Monday – Kazim Shriners

CAR UNIT – Antique, Classic and unusual cars owned by each member. Annual meeting – Day of Kazim Fall Ceremonial

CEREMONIAL CAST – Mission is that of indoctrination and performing the Ritual. Meet at call of Director Also Spring & Fall Ceremonials

CHANTERS – The unit appears in parades, Shriners Ceremonials and a number of local activities. If you enjoy singing, this Unit has opening for new members. At the Call of the President – Kazim Shriners

CHARACTERS – They are animated characters and enjoy parading and participating in events. At Discretion of Director – Oral Jones Campground

DIRECTOR’S STAFF – Participates in setting up and taking down the props for the first section on Ceremonial Days. This unit produces the Second Section of the Ceremonial. Meet 1st Wednesday – Kazim Shriners

FIRE BRIGADE – They own antique fire trucks and proudly parade at Conventions, Civic Parades and Shriners activities. Meet 4th Tuesday – Kazim Shriners

FIRST AID – Unit is composed of members who can handle most types of emergencies occurring at Shriners functions. Meet at call of President – Kazim Shriners

GREETERS – Their purpose is to extend greetings and hospitality to all visitors, guests and members of Kazim Shriners. Meet 1st Wednesday – Kazim Shriners

HILLBILLY – A very proud and award winning Unit that owns ten Model “A” Ford cars, trucks, and a Fordson Tractor which is about 67 years old. This Unit is composed of Shriners in the Grayson-Carroll area. Meet 1st Tuesday – Shrine Building, Roseland Rd., Galax

KLOWNS – A very dedicated and sought-after Unit for participation in various invitational events. This Unit has a variety of motorized vehicles. Meet 1st Thursday – Kazim Shriners

LEGION OF HONOR – Primary purpose being to provide the Color Guard for the Shriners in parades and perform such other duties as requested by the Potentate. This Unit is composed of active military, ex-military or honorary military. Meet 3rd Friday – Harbor House, Abingdon

CENTRAL-VIRGINIA CLOWNS – A fun Unit that is very active in local parades, many invitational events, and Shriners Ceremonials. Meet 1st Wednesday Except July – Lynchburg Shrine Club, Lemon Drive

MISFITS – This unique Unit is so called because the members wear just about anything from white-face clowns to tramps. Meet at call of Director – Giles County

MOTOR PATROL – A motorcycle Unit that thrills parade watchers with their precision and intricate riding and maneuvers. Meet 2nd Thursday – Kazim Shriners

ORIENTAL BAND – This band from the Lynchburg area is a real crowd pleaser, with their colorful costumes and percussion instruments. Meet every Thursday – Lynchburg Shrine Club.

PIEDMONT T’s – The members drive miniature Model T Roadsters in parades in various interesting formation patterns. Meet 2nd Tuesday – Piedmont Shrine Club, Figsboro Rd.

PROVOST GUARD – This Unit maintains the peace, checks membership cards and passwords allowing no unauthorized entrance to our Shriners and its functions. Meet 4th Friday – No Mtgs. held in June, July or Aug. – Kazim Shriners

STEWARDS – This Unit prepares meals for your enjoyment at Ceremonials. Meet at call of Director

TRAMPS – A fun loving group that has captured many trophies and participates in parades, trips to the Children’s Hospital and other activities. Meet 1st Thursday – Kazim Shriners

TRUCKERS – The Unit proudly drives mini trucks in Shriners parades. Meet 3rd Thursday – Kazim Shriners

If you are interested in joining a Unit, do not hesitate to contact the Unit Director or the Kazim Secretary directly.