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The Clifton Forge Shrine Club was formed in the spring of 1966. Four community members – Jim Hogg, Jimmie Sanders, Wyatt Mays and David Patterson, met at the Clifton Forge Masonic Hall to talk about forming a club. An invitation was sent to members of the Divan of the Kazim Shriners of Roanoke, VA to meet at the Old Forge restaurant in Iron Gate. The Potentate, Bowman Harris gave these men permission to form the Clifton Forge Shrine Club.
The officers of the 1966 Clifton Forge Shrine Club were:

  • Jim Hogg – President
  • Jimmie Sanders – Vice President
  • Wyatt Mays – Secretary and Treasurer

Charter Members Include:

  • David Patterson
  • C.B. Albright
  • Garland Lushbaugh
  • Gordon Carr
  • W.P. Hall
  • P.P. Hall
  • S.W. Reeves
  • Dr Ralph Crabill
  • Robert Warf
  • John Williams
  • Woodson Shorter
  • Curtis Brown
  • Emmett Ransom
  • Newman Haynes
ACCA Members prior to World War Two:

  • Perry Nair
  • Kent Ford

Past Potentates From Clifton Forge